Dec 27, 2009

Day 1: 500 Days of Summer

So the first film up: 500 Days of Summer. I don't think this actually qualifies as a romantic comedy. It says so right in the beginning that this isn't a love story. And (spoiler alert- by the way I never care about hearing about the endings so I'm assuming neither do you) they don't end up together! At best, this is an homage to the relationships that make us who we are before we meet the one that completes us. Boo on that! I want my fantasy. This is a healthy dose of reality! Granted - it does have the unrealistic dance scene and over-dramatic outburst (two off the checklist of what makes Jenn happy when she watches a romantic comedy) but it does not leave me with the warm fuzzy feeling that all is right with the world. It is too real for my tastes.

It did get me thinking (it lacking so many of the qualities that make me giddy for RCs) what does qualify as a keeper in my heart... I've started a list below. As we go on this journey, I might add or have to admit that something actually should be deleted, and I would like to stress that all of this is purely MY taste and everyone probably has their own checklist (or most likely they are not so anal to have their check list but probably just say I liked it or eh I didn't like it so much). Here is my check list and how 500 Days scored:
  • Giddy: not so much
  • Silly lies: there were no lies actually - too much honesty to tell you the truth
  • Big emotional outburst: Check- but it was to quit his job, not for the girl he loves
  • Dance sequence: This is the best part of the movie, will probably watch this over and over again.
  • Wedding: Some wedding happened but it was not very romantic and the situation makes it just sad.
  • Rewatchable: Maybe, when I'm pining for a lost love to remind me it wasn't worth it.
  • Love: This is NOT a LOVE STORY!!!!!
  • Fantasy: This is NOT a good fantasy story!!!!
  • Journey of the main character: actually to me he seemed the same, I know many would fight the whole movie is his arc but really - I didn't believe it. Maybe its because he didn't have roses in his hands.
  • Body count: based on my first blog- I love movies with a body count - this is irrational I'm well aware but well... this one didn't have it.

The Gift

So my dear friend gave me a Christmas Present. As always, he gave me a present I asked for but with a twist of his own form of torture. I love him for that.

I asked for him to make me copies of as many romantic comedies he could think of. The reason? Its the only kind of film I can watch again and again and never really get tired of. Sure Schindler's List was wonderful but am I ever going to watch it again? No! Because it was heartbreaking. But a ridiculous comedy where two people fall in love is something I just can't get enough of. I get quite a lot of heartbreak in my real life. I don't need any more of it in my fantasy life.

And let me be clear: Romantic Comedies are pure fantasy. That is the point! Like porn, they have ridiculous plots, usually horrible acting and always there is the big payoff with the money shot (in RC's that is a cheesy over the top confession of love ended with a kiss). And like porn, they get me off! I'm giddy with the fantasy that love like that can exist: that all the money spent for a wedding is nothing compared to marrying the wrong man, that self discovery is as easy as bumping into the absolute wrong person for you who is actually the right person for you and that love is the only thing worth fighting for. Ever. The end.

So, my best friend obliged. With his own romantic comedy twist. He gave me 31 DVDs simply labeled day 1, day 2, and so on. I have to watch the movies in order (ones I'm sure I've already seen) and then blog on them. Here is the torture part. I've never really liked blogs. I never remember to go and read my friends blogs out there. And I really can't imagine why anyone would care to read mine. But this challenge does intrigue me. Maybe there are others out there that love romantic comedies like I do and want to share with me in this journey. If they can find me. Chances are, they are at home, with Pretty Woman playing in the background while cleaning their house and fantasizing of someone showing up with an umbrella as a sword and flowers and limo to their house instead of being on the Internet searching for fellow freaks like me.

But well, at least I'll have a lot of fun along the way. And right now, I'm not living up to my potential by actually being in these movies (my ultimate dream) so I'll dream away watching the other greats before me and telling you (whoever you are) about it. Here we go... Day 1 is.....