Jan 30, 2010

Day 28: Picture Perfect

Huh. I actually had never seen this movie. Or maybe I did and I forgot. It's meh... I don't know why, I guess it's just I don't really see the love. But technically, it has many of the things I love in my RC cocktail, so lets check it off shall we?
  • Giddy: erm... um... wait there's gotta be something here... it's not like this movie is awful or even a drama, it's just sort of meh...
  • Lie: Okay so she is lying to her company saying that she has a fiance, a guy that she met once at a wedding. And then she hires him to come be her fiance and break up with her.
  • Big Emotional Outburst: She confesses right before her big presentation to her coworkers and then runs out to find Jay at a wedding and interupt the wedding to tell him she likes him.
  • Dance Sequence: They mention the bunny hop... but one is never actually done.
  • Wedding: 2! Yay! Pretty!
  • Rewatchable: Maybe I'll watch this again to see if it was just my mood from a stressful work week or if it really isn't giddy worthy.
  • Love: She thinks she's in love with a guy who only wants her if she's unavailable but realizes she's in love with the guy she's made up to be her fiance.
  • Fantasy: it takes place in NYC with all those big apartments. And because she's engaged, she gets a bigger office and gets to sleep with the man she likes.
  • Journey of the Main Character: She starts to dress nicer, and realizes the guy she likes is a jerk...
  • Body Count: no.
  • Music Montages: yes.
  • Strong Female: I will give this movie that - Jennifer Aniston is playing a woman who starts off doing anything to get to be a successful marketing executive and learns that she doesn't want that success unless it based on her work and not her lies. Very nice. And she goes after the guy.

Day 27: Four Christmases

My father has been quoting for the last 20 years Christmas Vacation. It's not Christmas at our house unless my Dad has said "Shitters Full". This past Thanksgiving, I rented this movie for the family. We LOVED it! And finally, I think my Dad will have something else to quote. This is more comedy than romance but I don't mind! I really don't! Laughed and Laughed at Reese and Vince's misery! Here is how Four Chistmases checks off:
  • Giddy: The opening seen where Vince flings off his glasses and takes control...mmmm... also we have the fantastic Mary and Joseph play, practically every house they visit has a moment that has me laughing out loud and giddy happy.
  • Lie: They lie to their families every year saying they are going to do charity work in some foreign country so they aren't forced to spend the holidays with their horrible families. They get caught in the lie in the very beginning and then must face the consequences.
  • Big Emotional Outburst: So many!
  • Dance Sequence: I was laughing too hard to really count, but I don't think so.
  • Wedding: nope.
  • Rewatchable: Yes!
  • Love: This is the kind of love a lot of us start out with I think, common views, common likes, adventurous and fun and then it takes those really trying moments to see what will endure.
  • Fantasy: The fantasy here lies before the timeline of the movie. The fact that for years they have been going on fantastic vacations instead of being with their families is a GREAT Fantasy (no Mom, if you read this, I'm not talking about you! I love you and of course I want to spend the holidays with you, I'm talking about the REST of the family).
  • Journey of the Main Character: Reese is great in realizing that her views, her needs are changing (I really sympathize as of late) and has the courage to speak up about it, and walk away from the comfort of what she has in search of it.
  • Body Count: no, but there are a lot of close calls!
  • Music Montages: again, laughing too much to remember
  • Strong Female: Reese- see Journey of the Main Character. Yes! I think that qualifies as strong!