Jan 26, 2010

Day 25: The Wedding Planner

No I promise, I have not OD'd this time. I just felt sort of starved for these RC's and had to make up a weeks worth of being with out, and I swear this is my last one for the day and I will go directly to bed after writing this blog and read my cheesy romance novel (are you really surprised?- yeah I didn't think so- I'm girl in love with love). Plus, as I said before, I really needed a wedding! And I got one! The Wedding Planner! Yay! Again, another movie, I hadn't seen all the way through, just sort of caught it on tv when it was on. I had no idea of the beginning. Man that made a huge difference for me. It still didn't save my bad opinion of the secondary characters, particularly the 2 "italian" men, Rocco and Salvatore who have such odd accents it sounds more like they had strokes and are trying to speak through a half paralized mouth. Its sad. Also, I can't tell if her father Salvatore is gay or not. No one explains it. I'm very confused! And I'm sorry but every time I've seen Bridgette Wilson, ever since Billy Madison, I'm often staring at her wide set eyes and wondering if her mother drank through the pregnancy. And usually, I'm not a big Lopez fan. I know, I know, she's done quite a few of the RC movies but she's never quite done it for me. That said, this movie was still formulaic enough to put me in a nice happy mood afterwards. I can now go to bed with the covers pulled up, warm and fuzzy knowing true love won out. As it should. As it always does. SO here is how The Wedding Planner checks off on my list:
  • Giddy: Oh well, we have all the things on this check list that make me giddy through this movie, dancing, weddings, lies, we also have the classic: saving the damsel in distress and lines so cheesy they make the goose pimples pop instantly on you, like "I know the curves of your face" and "You kinda stayed with me".
  • Lie: Well they met, by him saving her, had a lovely first date and then had to hide all that as he was marrying the girl that Jennifer is doing the wedding planning for. Plus they are both lying to themselves that the ones they are with will eventually make them happy instead of each other.
  • Big Emotional Outburst: There are a couple small ones.
  • Dance Sequence: Oh yes, and NICE!
  • Wedding: Yes! Yay! We have 5! And they are all beautiful in their own way. This movie actually romantisizes getting married at City Hall for me. If I had a booty like Lopez and a dress like that, City Hall would be a step up from Leisure World (where I was in fact eh hem married).
  • Rewatchable: I've seen the middle of this movie to the end a dozen or so times. So yes, especially now that I can see it from the beginning again, I will do so!
  • Love: Ah here we have the classic love at first saving. However, there is a line in here about how Timing is always off for these characters, how they always seem to be in love with someone who isn't in love with them. I would just like to take a moment to praise this movie for bringing out one of the aspects I truly believe is necessary for love. I believe we have many people we can love in our lives, but "the one" is nothing more than the timing being right for both of you.
  • Fantasy: Mmm the weddings.
  • Journey of the Main Character: Erk, I have a bit of a hard time pin pointing this one...
  • Body Count: nope. Her mother died a while back but nope that doesn't really count.
  • Music Montages: Somewhat
  • Strong Female: Somewhat

Day 24: New In Town

Not a movie to help you forget the winter blues but heart warming all the same! I really like this movie. The go getting female (Renee) never has to be less strong in order to get the man and win the town. And the town, oh, true Mid-western sweetness! You-betcha! Here is how New In Town checks off on my list:
  • Giddy: We have lots of great embarrasing moments like the stuck zipper, the nippin out, and the stuck in snow scene where she gets drunk. Rebuilding this company also makes me dance a little happy dance, I get those goose bumps of cheesy goodness when I see this plot device: The saving of a town. And we have great lines like "You're not so bad, when your unconscious".
  • Lie: She comes to the town to fire half the workforce but does not tell anyone that till its too late.
  • Big Emotional Outburst: I like that this one isn't for the love of the man but for the love of the town. Sort of sweet.
  • Dance Sequence: Not really no.
  • Wedding: Nope. Sigh, I could have used a wedding feast today.
  • Rewatchable: Yep.
  • Love: So there is the ever popular in my book I hate you right off but love you soon after love and then there is the love of the town.
  • Fantasy: Saving that company from corporate is pretty fantastical.
  • Journey of the Main Character: She goes from an almost Republican way of thinking to seeing the numbers as human beings and pushing herself and the town to reach their highest potential. Awe inspiring!
  • Body Count: sigh, no.
  • Music Montages: there are a couple, but my favorite is the one that starts with the food fight!
  • Strong Female: By far the strongest of them all, at least so far. I love you Renee!

Day 23: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

I used to really get offended when a guy said to me about his ex, "She was a real psycho". I thought it such a pathetic way to sum up a relationship. But this movie, well this movie proves that if all men had dated at least one of these kind of women at some point in their life, then they are justified in calling their ex a Psycho. And I think that the reason why I never really sat through this whole movie till today was because the character Kate is playing for her magazine article is really so irritating and awful, I couldn't stand to watch. But sitting through the whole movie, I must applaud Kate and Matt on really defining the moments that their characters are genuniune with each other and when they are playing the roles they both set out to play. And the chemistry is really there. So here we are now, day 23 (much late due to my very bad week) and oh what a relief it is to finally indulge in a light, non-brainer RC! I'm so glad to have this day off, I want to hurry up through this check list so I can plunge into another one! How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days:
  • Giddy: Matt without his shirt on I think is cause for mild swooning (I've thought I should start a section of this check list for women over 30 only, who would appreciate the muscle catagory and the baby catagory... but well... I'll just leave that off and keep it here, in Giddyland), The cute character names: Andy Anderson and Benjamin Bennet, whoa the chemistry when they kiss, LOVE FERN! (after seeing this movie, my husband - back when he was my boyfriend bought me a plant as a joke - cause I killed all plants - still do- and called it our "Love plant" and strangely- its one of the only ones that has survived - barely, but there is green there), Naming his penis Princess Sophia, when she comes out in the yellow dress and he reaches up to his heart and says honestly "You are beautiful" (I really don't hear that enough in my life- do you dear reader?), Embarrasing moments all over the place, and ofcourse the end where he runs after her.
  • Lie: Mmmm Double Header - he's made a bet to have her fall in love with him, and she's writing an article on how to get a guy to dump her in less than 10 days.
  • Big Emotional Outburst: We have this one start at a great moment, while embarrasing each other by singing Your So Vain and it leads all the way outside and ends with a fantastic line "You can't lose something you never had".
  • Dance Sequence: Nope.
  • Wedding: Nope.
  • Rewatchable: I think I have to be in the right mood to be able to withstand the seriously irriating things that this woman does. But yes.
  • Love: Ah, they start off fascinated, but then get down to work, and then hate eachother but their careers mean so much that they fake it until they fall for eachother despite it all!
  • Fantasy: We have some pretty nice jobs that pay soo well for great apartments in Manhatten again, and we have Matt without a shirt, and falling in love in less than 10 days...
  • Journey of the Main Character: I think they both kind of learn that work is not worth it if you lose the one you love.... but that's mild. Honestly its really just them coming back to being themselves.
  • Body Count: Nope (and after the week I've had, I sure could use a couple hilarious deaths).
  • Music Montages: We have 3 that I counted folks! 3! One that leads to a hot and steamy making love in the parents bathroom scene, and one that leads him to chase her down the bridge leading to JFK.
  • Strong Female: She drinks beer and likes basketball, but does that make her strong? She's playing the worlds worst weakest woman ever, and I suppose she's really some where in the middle.