Dec 30, 2009

Day 4: 13 Going on 30

And here we are: 13 Going on 30. I feel like this most days. Awkward, unsure and quite confused how I got here so fast. But the 30s are fabulous and I wouldn't wish to go back to 13 ever! This is a perfect cleaning the house film. One you don't have to sit and watch all the way through, just stop the vacuum cleaner in time to watch the Thriller dance sequence and come back for the final kiss. Its comforting to have all those mistakes we've all made being played out by cuter, thinner people on in the background while you do the daily grind. Today I have a cold and so in between cleaning for the friend who is coming in town, sneezing, and stocking up on vitamins I watched this sweet movie.

This film isn't one I'd pay to rent, usually I catch it on TV and will watch it while I do something else. The good thing about that is, every time you see it, there is a scene you missed the time before so it is like getting to watch a slightly used, slightly new movie. Yay! And here is how Jennifer Garner in 13 going on 30 stacks up to my list:

  • Giddy: The dance sequence does it for me. I'm actually jealous I never really learned that dance!
  • Lies: She actually doesn't lie too much, she's trying to tell people she's only 13, just no one believes her.
  • Big emotional outburst: Jennifer does try and stop a wedding and shes quite passionate on the remaking of the magazine. Those count in my book. Its no Harry telling Sally on New Years Eve that he can't live without her but it'll do for today.
  • Dance Sequence: Oh hell yes! Best scene in the movie - THRILLER - THRILLER NIGHT. Is this even more nostalgic for me because MJ is dead? Hmmm?
  • Wedding: We have 2 folks! His prep to marry a pretty sweet hottie and then the end him marrying his best friend. AAWWWWWWWWW! So yes- as no RC is complete without a wedding dress this one lives up nicely!
  • Rewatchable: Now that I know I'm going to have a lovely collection of great RC's when I'm done with this project, I may have this put at the back of the pile. Something I'll pop in a couple years down the road when I've forgotten what its all about. And I will forget. Hell I forget what I ate for breakfast and have a 2nd breakfast (which explains a lot about my weight).
  • Love: This is the best friend love kind and its slow to come in the film. Though I admire the best friend love - I always feel a little let down on the passion side.
  • Fantasy: Well she uses wishing dust to turn herself to 30 and be everything she imagined: rich, skinny, head of a magazine and popular. So yeah, I'd say we've got one hell of a fantasy going on. I got to get me some of that dust! I want to win the lottery!
  • Journey of the Main Character: Okay so because she is still 13 in her mind, the journey here is only of realizing she has it pretty great at 13 and realizing that the man she loves was her best friend.
  • Body Count: None. Dammit! Somebody really should have killed that blond bitch "friend"
  • Music Montage: Yes and the music in this film is like a warm blanket of memories. I love the music. I being a soundtrack queen will probably go buy this one on Itunes next time I get some extra cash.
  • Strong Female: Mmm.. are any of us strong at 13? She makes some bold choices and she has spunk and passion - 2 things I wish didn't fall off as you get older but they just do. But she's not the strongest I've seen. And she took his last name! That is a check in the box of anti-strong female in my book!