Apr 14, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Okay, technically this isn't a RC. It falls under action/adventure. Proof is in my body count, where I lost count of the dead at 19 and we were only half way through the movie... but... a)lets not forget that it was this movie that broke up the Bennifer and started the Branjolina and it shows cause the chemistry is off the charts in this movie between the two hottest people in Hollywood (who can I just once again gripe about how unfair it is that these two superpowers procreated? What happens to us ugly mortals when the Gods team up? More crap work and groveling that's what!)and b)I laughed a LOT! And as I stated earlier: laughter and love are the key ingredients so with that in mind lets see how this action/adventure Mr. and Mrs. Smith checks off Jenn's list of RC's:

Giddy: Oh yes, but in a "it tingles down there" kind of giddy. This movie is SEXY!! We have 2 dance scenes, the most violent make up sex scene I've ever witnessed and some great funny moments from Mr. Vahn too.

Lie: Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been lying to each other from day 1 pretending to be something they are not while they are both killers.

Big Emotional Outburst: Oh yes in the form of guns and beating the crap out of each other.

Wedding: There is video footage of their wedding... its small but I must count it

Dance Sequence: Yes 2!!!!

Rewatchable: Well yes, yes I think I will

Love: This is that almost competitive kind of love, the kind where they may have to concede at some point that one or the other is slightly better at one aspect of their job but they make an unstoppable team when together.

Fantasy: The fantasy is Brad and Angelina ... either one... together... blowing stuff up... as sexy as they can... mmmmmm

Journey of the Main Character: I think both of them have to learn that the other has some talents they wish they had and learn to fight for their marriage.

Body Count: As I stated previously... I stopped counting at 19! My god, I really don't think horror films ever have as high of body counts as Action movies do... then again- a lot are just getting shot... as we have learned from before being shot does not necessarily mean dead...

Music Montages/Soundtrack: Not that notable to me

Strong Female: I would like to praise Miss Jolie right now...okay she has her flaws and she's a bit weird but no woman has ever held the high honor of Action Hero like her before. She plays strong, sexy, with a hint of vulnerability and I wish so badly I could be her or do her. She plays that perfect strong female here in this movie and I don't even mind (staunch feminist that I am) that she "took his last name" because she breaks every other stereotype of women in two in this film.