Jan 14, 2011

The Back Up Plan

The Back Up Plan
Happy birthday to me! I’m 35 today. And what better way to celebrate than watch a wonderful Romantic Comedy! But oh noooooooooooo, it’s The Back Up Plan! Oh god, I suddenly am lying in the fetal position on the floor crying because my clock has been ticking for years (it’s real, it’s INSANE how real it is, I’m not kidding, I never wanted kids, EVER, and now… my god… it’s babies, its all I think of… and I’m married to a man who well…isn’t there yet and now...I’m OLD… oh my god its physically painful at times) and here is a rom com about a woman who decides to take matters into her own hands at the exact moment she meets the one. Breath, just breath… but actually, it’s pretty funny and after an impropriate glass of wine in the middle of the day… its not so bad…once I get past the whole- I’m-35-years-old-and-I-don’t-have-a-kid-and-don’t-even-get-me-started-on-the-whole-fertility-drugs-selfishness-soap-box. So yeah, despite the feeling of personal utter failure welling up on my part, I still found this film adorable and no Jenn birthday should be without a cute adorable rom com! And away we go…
• Giddy: The first date…in the garden, before everything goes beautifully wrong (hell even when it does), it is the ultimate date, and despite that it’s “cheap” pizza it would cost a fortune to do in NY. I’m smiling down to my toes!
• Lie: She doesn’t tell him the moment she meets him that she’s preggers, but seriously…would you?! I wouldn’t say anything till… um… the babies out?
• Big Emotional Outburst: Okay seriously, can you top an emotional outburst as big as this? She’s in LABOR! With TWINS (damn fertility drugs… many of you who read this already know my prejudice against the over-population of the world and disgust in fertility drugs instead of adoption)!
• Wedding: Yes, and this time, it’s not so appealing, it’s old people, so its sweet but not so glamorous.
• Dance Sequence: Yes of course, in the wedding with walkers! Woohoo!
• Rewatchable: Yes, especially as soon as I’ve got a damn kid of my own!
• Love: What I really like about this kind of love, is its actually quite opposite of most of the loves. It’s the love that says “I’m still gonna be there through all the crap, cause you, and us are worth it”. It’s a rarely seen in rom com land kind of love and its really heartwarming. Because after the passion dies down THIS- this is what you really want, a partner.
• Fantasy: Other than having a baby, a nice pet store, enough money to afford twin in NYC?...
• Journey of the main character: Here we have a woman who is truly being irrational, she dumps him over the dumbest thing, because she’s made up her mind she can do it on her own rather than deal with compromise with another, and then learns that she’d rather do it all with him.
• Body Count: None… hrm.
• Music Montages/Soundtrack: Not very noticeable to me, but maybe some other time.
• Strong Female: Yes, she’s willing to do it all alone. But finds the courage to do it with someone else.
And here is a bit of my own rom-com: