Jan 1, 2011

Moonstruck, Killers, She's out of my League

Happy New Year! So, I’ve watched a ton of movies as we dragged ourselves into this new year (needing to escape is um… at its highest). My god, lets really hope this next year brings us all so much more happiness and so much more success than this past year. For me and many of my dear friends 2010 was extremely rough. I didn’t get anywhere near my resolution to be in a romantic comedy instead of just watching them. Ah well, here’s hoping 2011 brings on the greatness we all so well deserve! And lets start the year off with a bang! 3 count them THREE of the movies that my dear friend gave me to watch and blog on. Whew, that’s a lot of typing so lets just get right to those check off lists shall we?


• Giddy: Yes, the passion in this movie is okay…well… yes, a bit over the top but I love it! When Nick Cage throws the table across the room and grabs Cher passionately and kisses her… whoa! Then he picks her up, screaming “Son of a bitch” and carries her to the bedroom…mmmmm. Also when she goes to the Opera (which I’ve never been to and sniff… would love to go) and she looks so amazing! Do my giddy dance! Lalala!
• Lie: There really aren’t too many big lies, I mean, she plans on telling her fiancĂ© she slept with her brother, and her father is cheating but her mother already knows.
• Big Emotional Outburst: Oh god, every ten minutes there’s one! My favorite is this little exchange: “I’m in love with you” smack “Snap out of it” or this one: “Why didn’t you wait for the right man” “Because he didn’t come” “I’m here” “Your Late” or this one “Old man you give those dogs another piece of my food and I’m gonna kick you till your dead”.
• Wedding: Nope, but there’s 2 engagements
• Dance Sequence: Does Cher kicking a can down the street count?
• Rewatchable: I’ve been watching this movie since I was a kid, and yes I will continue to do so.
• Love: Ah my favorite kind, Passionate!
• Fantasy: I used to fantasize about living in NY like they are…but now that I’m here (and really don’t love it anymore, but this is a topic I actually need to hit on, many many movies are based in NYC and they all romanticize this town, so that I think oh wow look how beautiful how hopeful it is, and in the last year and half I’ve found nothing of what I see in the movies in this town, granted it is pretty to look at, but it’s a city of desperation and hungry people striving to live as rich and as superficially as the top 1% do and all the money it bleeds from you and all the dreams it dashes, it sort of takes off that rom-com shine and make it dingy and sad), I guess the only thing I fantasize about anymore is to get a shred of the passion seen in this movie back into my life.
• Journey of the main character: Cher is resigned to a boring nice life until she meets Nick who sweeps her off her feet (literally) and awakens her a desire to be sexy and passionate again.
• Body Count: nada
• Music Montages/Soundtrack: When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…
• Strong Female: Cher has got to be one of the strongest women on and off screen out there. Granted she’s a bit more in the gay-con category then rom-com-icon but still… she’s fantastic! I wish I had her balls!

The Killers

• Giddy: Alright, alright, now some of you are really gonna hate me for this (my husband does, he hates all Ashton Kutcher and refuses to watch anything he does) but this whole movie makes me giddy! It’s exactly what I like to see: action, ridiculous side characters, and even though I can’t buy that Ashton is a spy let alone in love with Ms. Heigl, I still have his abs to look at! And that means a lot to us ladies over a certain age…mmmmm…. Muscles! And this movie had my heart by Ms. Heigl’s speech about her name: “Its Jen, Jennifer, sometimes Jenny, no… no it’s just Jen. Just Jen.”
• Lie: Oh dear lord EVERYONE is lying, all the neighbors, Ashton (badly granted)..Tom Selleck.
• Big Emotional Outburst: Oh yes, we have several!
• Wedding: They skip that (sniff)
• Dance Sequence: Sort of, when some jerk at a club thinks she’s a hooker.
• Rewatchable: Yes. I’m sorry to all you, you judging people, yes this is right up my alley!
• Love: He gives up the killing career for her and then goes out of his way to protect her… yeah that’s love. We also have the scary overprotective dad kind of love going on here too.
• Fantasy: I love the action sequences in this movie. They are great!
• Journey of the main character: She learns that her husband is a former professional killer and so is her dad and that she’s pregnant and she finds her own inner strength and ability to deal with a little spontaneity.
• Body Count: Too many to count, but I really love how almost every single person they think are their friends, neighbors and co-workers are out to kill them. Just goes to show you… you really DON’T need to know your neighbors that well.
• Music Montages/Soundtrack: I think I own a lot of the songs in this soundtrack.
• Strong Female: She becomes one.

She’s out of my league

• Giddy: Yes! This movie is adorable! Giddy all over with this lovely little film, more of a man-rom-com (like 40 Year Old Virgin) where the men are idiots and the women are on pedestals (vs. most female rom-coms where the women are quirky, cute and odd). But the side characters MAKE this movie, we have the lovable assholes (male and female) that just give this movie not only all the best lines like “No one wants to fuck a moodle” and “Oh the Hamburgler wasn’t in to me?” but the charm and sweetness from the other characters – ones like the sweet Nate Torrence who calls Jay’s lady love “Princess Jasmine” and he even helps his him shave his balls!
• Lie: Well there’s some attempted lies like when Jay tries to get back his bitchy ex girlfriend by saying he’d been on a “snatch parade” and Alice Eve is only dating him because he’s safe.
• Big Emotional Outburst: Yes we have that lovely big end, brought on by the lovable assholes to bring the kids together again.
• Wedding: nope (sigh)
• Dance Sequence: Well we do have the lovable assholes tribute band playing at a party and that’s… well close…
• Rewatchable: Yes, this movie is hysterical!
• Love: A hot girl with a dorky guy… it happens!
• Fantasy: For most guys I guess it would be having such a hot girl… for me… wishing I was that hot?
• Journey of the main character: Through love…you can have the confidence to follow your dreams… yeah… and with confidence you can get the hot girl
• Body Count: nada… sigh
• Music Montages/Soundtrack: I love this soundtrack! Everytime I hear Chelsea Dagger I want to jump around in joy!
• Strong Female: Um… maybe it’s my prejudice against pretty people, but I don’t think she’s very strong. But her best friend is kick ass and funny as hell soo…