Feb 1, 2010

Day 30: He's Just Not That In To You

3 years into my relationship with my boyfriend and living together, my mother's best friend was watching Oprah. She saw the episode where they talked about this revolutionary book called "He's Just Not That In To You" and my mother's best friend went out, bought the book, tabbed the chapter titled "He won't marry you" and mailed it to me. But, my boyfriend opened the mail that day, when it arrived. Thus a huge argument came about. And to this day, my now husband has a very strained relationship with my mother's best friend. But who knows, maybe the books arrival is what shamed him in to finally popping the question. Or maybe it's what made him take another year to actually do so. But I did actually flip through the book and all it did was make me feel insulted and worst of all - powerless. I mean, I just had to sit around and wait for a guy to be in to me?! What the hell?! Why is it always one sided?
That personal bitterness aside, this is a great movie (which I still can't convince my husband to watch with me)! This movie is... not at all like the book! It has so many great moments! And it is not one sided! I love so many parts of this movie! The entire end, when everyone is hooking up, or not hooking up and learning about themselves, I'm just weeping! So here is how He's Just Not That In To You checks off:
  • Giddy: Every scene has a moment, but to narrow down to a few: The 2 ladies talking about having never been dumped but really they had been, the 7 different technologies monologue by Drew, the lashing out but then cleaning up your own mess scene, the oh so terrible phone messages Ginnifer leaves, and my all time favorite gooey moment (whenever it happens in a movie , and it happens a lot in RCs) the stopping the babbling with a kiss!
  • Lie: There is some lying and cheating going on
  • Big Emotional Outburst: They all get their moments but Jennifer Connelly's is by far the best, cause they keep the camera rolling after she breaks stuff to show her going back to pick it up. Yep, at some point through the tears, you still gotta do that!
  • Dance Sequence: Small one at a wedding. Non romantic though. Oh well.
  • Wedding: Yes!!!!
  • Rewatchable: Yes, but this one probably never around my husband.
  • Love: All different kinds. My personal favorite story to follow is Jennifer Aniston and Ben Afleck's (cause that's the one I relate to the most - gee I wonder why).
  • Fantasy: Some LOVELY apartments, some great jobs, some fantastic romantic gestures.
  • Journey of the Main Character: Despite this star studded film (the film of Jennifers actually) Gennifer, I think, is the one we're following (she seems to be the one the writers are most like) and though everyone has their own little journey in this movie, their is nothing better then learning you are an exception to a rule. :)
  • Body Count: almost lost Jennifer's dad... but no.
  • Music Montages: Yep
  • Strong Female: This book was written to slap insecure women in the face and tell them to get over stressing over guys not wanting them. The movie is a much milder version of that. The women in this movie seem to have moments of strength and moments of insecurity and weakness.