Jan 28, 2010

Day 26: Sweet Home Alabama

Ah Sweet Home Alabama. Being a girl from the South as well, I can relate to the embarrassment and nostalgia of going home. And though, I think I'd choose McDreamy rich boy and the NY life over going back to the South (the warm weather just isn't enough enticement to deal with rednecks), I can fall into the charm of this movie just as easily as the next gal. Here is how Sweet Home Alabama checks off on my list:
  • Giddy: Oh my God! The Tiffany Proposal!I started weeping! "Pick One"! Yes Please!You have great lines like "Honey just cause I talk slow doesn't mean I'm stupid" and "People need a passport to come down here" and "You can have roots and wings".
  • Lie: Reese lies to Patrick and well all of NY society about her past.
  • Big Emotional Outburst: She punches her almost Mother In Law and screams "Nobody talks to my Mama like that". Oh boy! We also have her running after her first husband and a horrible drunk scene in the bar.
  • Dance Sequence: There is some 2 steppin
  • Wedding: Yes, and its beautiful!
  • Rewatchable: This in another I've seen several times half way through to the end on TV and am glad to now own. I'll watch that proposal scene over and over!
  • Love: Here's a girl who may change but her roots stayed the same and that is where her heart lies.
  • Fantasy: The TIFFANY PROPOSAL! Also, the folks in Alabama being fine with the guy who is gay.
  • Journey of the Main Character: Reese had made a name for herself in NY while Josh worked to do the same back in Alabama and this movie is about them meeting back up after they have become the people they thought they wanted to be.
  • Body Count: I know they don't really die, but I'm gonna go ahead and count the reenactment of the Civil War. Cause its a great scene!
  • Music Montages: I would like to praise the credits music montage with pictures at the end of the movie, it wraps it all up in a nice package, shows everyone being happy eventually and makes me feel the world is safe and well again. I love that! Knocked Up had one too!
  • Strong Female: Reese runs away from her home and her husband, starts her own designer clothing line, becomes a huge success in NYC. But she throws it all away to go back home and be with that husband and live through his success (as we find out by the pictures music montage during the credits).