Dec 11, 2010

Assassin In Love

What a crazy year! But currently I have a job at home and from the miracle of Wii netflix I get to expand my rom-com watching. And recently, I got to see this sweet little film: Assassin in Love. And I just had to add it to my lil blog.

“Professional hit man Milo (Damian Lewis) flees the city after failing to carry out a contract, and gets mistaken for a baker while hiding out in the country. But just as Milo begins to embrace his leisurely new lifestyle and strike up a romance with local veterinarian Rhiannon (Kate Ashfield), his secret gets out, and the locals start asking for much more than specialty cakes”- says the netflix description.

Adorable film with great odd side characters! And of course, we have deaths! Now, granted, Milo is cute, but with those lips, I’m not quite convinced he’s straight (though my last production: Macbeth, the director had similar poofy lips and he turned out to be “straight” so who knows anymore) and I definitely don’t buy him as a cold blooded killer but never the less, he charms me anyway and this one will now be added to my ongoing list of films I can’t stop watching. And here is how it checks off my list:

• Giddy: Assassins gets me giddy all on its own! But we also have a hysterical and really odd love making scene with every ingredient in the kitchen.
• Lie: Milo is a trained assassin, hiding out in a small town pretending to be a baker.
• Big Emotional Outburst: This comes from a few of the side characters.
• Wedding: Yes at the end and it is beautiful!
• Dance Sequence: Non. However we have a group song, this should maybe go in my music category but it gave me the same thrill a group dance does.
• Rewatchable: So now that I am working from home (I’m uploading baby pictures and sending them to parents – which is one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever had, finally affording me the freedom to audition, and to watch in the background all the rom-coms I want, the only downsides being that I actually can’t seem to get that many auditions- damn this town is hard to break through to, and I’ve got a massive ticking clock and seeing cute babies all day long does not really help this) I’m really putting this category to the test. I saw this movie 3 times so far. There are so many great side characters, and that British wit creeps up on you.
• Love: As I said, I’m not sure I buy that this guy is straight (maybe I just don’t trust guys with blue eyes) but the sex is hot and I really feel that like me, Milo falls in love with this quirky town. Living in a city that I don’t love and dealing with the struggles of no longer having the comfort of a core group of people who “get you” and “love you anyway” (well that’s not exactly true, I have some wonderful friends here – its just they are very spread out in this big big city and the trials I face trying to live here and make it here overshadow these good people), I understand what its like to fall in love with a place, a town, loving it for its flaws, its beauty and all the people that inhabit it.
• Fantasy: This town! Oh these charming people!
• Journey of the Main Character: Milo moves to this small town to hide out but ends up wanting to stay and give up his evil ways of killing people quickly with guns an opt for the killing them slowly with baked goods. We’ve all been there right?
• Body Count: 3!! Not counting the Ram’s head!
• Music Montages/Soundtrack: Okay maybe some of these songs are a bit overdone, maybe we’ve all heard them before in a bunch of other rom-coms but I really love them. They make me happy!
• Strong Female: The Vet is a nice tough gal all on her own (or maybe its just her short hair- as all my girlfriends with short hair have proved- the shorter the hair, the tougher the gal- which really says a lot about me I guess- since… well mine is extremely long – but this is no surprise to you dear reader who know I only play tough on stage and am such a sap in real life).

So what a crazy year, I quit a job where my boss screamed, I got a great job that I quit for a dream of making kick ass money in fit modeling, got fired from fit modeling for not being “modely” enough, and fell into this current job where I upload baby pics, which doesn’t pay the bills enough so I have to do a lot of extra work on the movies and tv shows being shot around town (and extra work is by far the most brutal for us non union folks). I’ve only been in one play but it was a great role: Lady Macbeth! But art wise… I’m still on the losing end. I have no idea where I’m going, what is coming next, or how I’ll get through it, but I have to admit, just for now… especially after the horrible trials and tribulations of this past year, I’m pretty happy! I’m really quite blessed! I’ve got some great friends here, I’ve got a great job where I get to be at home watching the movies I’d rather be in but alas we can’t have it all, and my husband and I are stronger than ever! So my own little rom com, is having a good music montage moment right now. Happy Holidays and may this next year bring us all many great romantic moments, great success and dreams come true!