Jan 10, 2010

Day 13: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Day 13: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Weee! I love this movie! I’m a sucker for films that are re-imaginings of classic themes (like 10 Things I hate about you is a spin off of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew). One of the reasons I love a good Romantic Comedy is because the plots are so predictable, and when you mix in a classic as well, it’s double the pleasure! I forced my poor guy best friend to see this film with me in the theatres – yes the THEATRES! And I loved it then. The good way to try and hook a man into seeing this one with you, is dangling the Michael Douglas carrot in front of them. And he is a riot in this film, with great lines like “Hows your Dick-tation”, “An ugly broad you have to take out behind a shed and shoot but any guy with a Johnson can still be cool” and “You made your bed, now you gotta bang every thing that crawls in it”.

Only on Day 13 and yeah I’m really starting to notice how all the same actors, do the same things, in the same movies with just different titles over and over again but I don’t care, because it just makes the slight variations of each film that much sweeter. And the chemistry between these actors is always different and this allows for multiple butterflies to go jumping in my stomach with each new kiss, each new profession of love.

I have dreamed since a small child that one day I would be one of these queens of RC land. And though, I may have to finally admit that I am no queen but always the side character (or keeping with the kingdom vernacular: The Jester), I can still take comfort in hoping to be in one of these films because no great RC is complete without the side characters. And in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, we have a slew of GREAT side characters. Of course we have Mr. Douglas, but the perfect Jewish Princess Lacey Chabert is a scene stealer as well, the fantastic Emma Stone who I can not say enough about, and then you have the yummy, ultra perfect, “designated wedding sex” Daniel Sunjata who does such a good job at being great you spend the whole movie wondering why the hell Jennifer Garner would even bother with a guy like Matthew McConaughey.

So here is how this great movie checks off on my list of necessities for a romantic comedy:

  • Giddy: Oh yes, strangely Matthews extremely cheesy lines and sleezy acting makes me giddy, I don’t know why- look I know I’m weird. Why on earth do you think my friend made me make this blog about my obsession with RC’s? I’m weird and he wants to publicly laugh at it! Also, I went giddy over the lady tears scene, the “You gotta risk love” monologue, the wedding, the “Gay Pirate” line, the sexy dance scene… oh I could go on, I’ll sum up – MOST of this movie makes me Giddy!
  • Lie: Well he’s been lying to himself for years by saying that “Power in a relationship lies with whomever cares the least” and striving to believe it. But other than that… we only have a small uncovering of his brother sleeping with one of the bridesmaids.
  • Big Emotional Outburst: Oh my god, I LOVE the scene where he begs his future sister in law to risk love and go back to his brother.
  • Dance Sequence: Once again, we have some lovely 80’s dancing and then we have a wonderful scene with Jennifer and Daniel (WHY didn’t she choose this guy?!).
  • Wedding: YAY! We actually have 2! Both BEAUTIFUL! Both just lovely weddings – I wish mine was that nice!
  • Rewatchable: Oh yes yes yes yes yes!
  • Love: Well, though I really think she’s an idiot because the best guy for her is Daniel she loves Matthew because she sees him for what he “CAN” be instead of what he is. Ah that great kind of “I can CHANGE YOU” love… one of my favorite kinds which leads right into our next part of the check list:
  • Fantasy: Well, anyone who believes in that “I can Change You” love is in fantasyland alone but we have 2 more WONDERFUL Fantasy treats: 1. VERY RICH UNCLE and VERY RICH PEOPLE all of them, must be nice! But at least the great thing about rich people in movies is we get to live in their world for 2 hours and see all the beauty they take for granted. And 2. The Ghosts! The chance to look back on your life and see it from a fresh angle and to see people talk about you when you are not around.
  • Journey of the Main Character: Classic Dickens! In one night he discovers the error of his ways and vows to change it around.
  • Body Count: As close as I can tell we have 4. Definitely the Uncle and the Parents. But they don’t really explain what happened to his first, I’m guessing she died as well.
  • Music Montages: One of my favorites of all time! With a tongue n cheek style they have a great montage of the Wooing days.
  • Strong Female: Subtly Jennifer Garner knows what she wants and doesn’t put up with crap. She’s is surrounded by a bunch of flimsy-ego chicks who are bit pathetic but she’s a beacon.