Jan 12, 2010

Day 16: Sleepless in Seattle

Well now we've come to one of the great classics! I'm surprised to say its been a long time since I've seen this movie. I can't really say why, other than its probably the same reason I haven't seen When Harry Met Sally in a very long time: I saw this movie so much, I actually got a little sick of it. But I think time and my bad memory have helped me to place this back on the shelf of rewatchable RC's. I get weepy when I see this movie. I don't know anyone who doesn't like this movie. I don't think I want to... here we go, how the lovely, perfect Sleepless in Seattle checks off on my list:
  • Giddy: From the moment she starts to listen to him on the radio till she meets him on top of the Empire State Building (which, my husband, knowing my deep deep love for these gigantic romantic moments chose the same place to pop the question to me... he gets double points for that one!).
  • Lie: Well.... she's keeping the truth from her fiance. That's sort of one. Can't say I think that there is really that much lying going on. I don't care, do you?
  • Big Emotional Outburst: Tom and his kid, and Meg has some major breakdowns on her own, but when they finally meet, really meet, it's the calmest scene ever. Its like a big deep breath in and out and ahhhhhhh... finally we have found the one that fits.
  • Dance Sequence: Nope. I think that we could have used one actually. But the music is fantastic!
  • Wedding: Nope... but we do have a lovely wedding dress! Which she rips. Because its a sign. I love the SIGNS in this movie!
  • Rewatchable: Yes.. We covered that.
  • Love: Here we have the destiny love! Actually what I really love about this movie is that there are more than one kind. That we are allowed to love more than one person in our life and that each one though different is not less special. But this love, this wonderful Meg/Tom love is that destiny love. The kind you know of from the moment you hear their voice, and though they spend the majority of the movie trying to talk some sense into themselves, the fact is, it can not be denied.
  • Fantasy: Destiny love, trips across the country all on a hunch from hearing a voice or reading a letter that this person might be right for you...
  • Journey of the main character: The whole movie is in that gigantic stage of doubt until the end when it all suddenly becomes so clear.
  • Body Count: His first wife.
  • Music Montages: Some great ones
  • Strong Female: Hrmm.. she's not my strongest female. Meg usually isn't in her films. Maybe that's why she is universally loved, she's never really too strong and never really a total wimp either. She's the just right goldilocks. I'm a militant feminist so I tend to like my women a bit more dominant but you can't help but love Meg! And we do have a funny Rosie to bring in a bit more of the stronger side.
PS: To Laura who asked about my job, my boss kicks ass- and I know how to hit pause and act professional for the customers. ;)