Jan 21, 2010

Day 22: While You Were Sleeping

I really can't watch this movie with out tearing up. Before you throw something at your computer, let me explain, this movie is all really about Chicago. Most RC's take place in NYC and that is great because it constantly reminds me to love this new land I live in. But this movie, ah, this movie loves the town I'm from. And every moment in this movie, I'm remembering fun I had with friends on those very same blocks. I fell in love with my husband in that town. I learned how to be comfortable in my own skin in that town. It's a tough town. It's gritty. But it's great! And I miss it! Okay While You Were Sleeping, though flawed is sweet and lets just go straight to the checklist shall we?
  • Giddy: Every scene of Chicago! Besides that? We have saving the man you think is your dream guy, slipping on ice with his brother, the whole fricken family (seriously if families were really like this- my god I'd never dread going to holiday functions), and great lines like "It took a coma to wake me up, my family loves you, I might as well love you".
  • Lie: Sandra is lying to the whole family posing as the fiance to Peter Gallagher (Peter saved my life once, oh yes, mine and my best gal Sus- uh - a story for a different day but non plucked eyebrows and all, I love this man!).
  • Big Emotional Outburst: Lovely! Just beautiful! At the wedding in the hospital Chapel.
  • Dance Sequence: hrm... not unless you count the slipping on ice... which I don't so... no.
  • Wedding: YES! YES! 2! We have the hospital scene and then I start weeping everytime I even think about that scene of them in their wedding gowns on the back of the CTA at the Chicago Station pulling out of it and heading towards the Merchandise Mart!
  • Rewatchable: Yes. This one falls under the catagory of soo many times, I really don't want to admit how much!
  • Love: The beautiful rich guy, is not for you, the ambitious, humble brother who has potential but not already there is the right guy for you. Love is found while you are distracted by other seemingly more important things.
  • Fantasy: There is an actual lot of grit and real life in this movie. I've lived in Chicago and know how tough of a town it is, and this movie doesn't make it appear like a piece of cake (like most RC's on NYC do). I guess if there is a fantasy, its that there is this cool of family.
  • Journey of the Main Character: Ah Sandra, she doesn't have much of an arc other than discovering her fantasy guy is not nearly as great as the guy who is beside her through most of the movie.
  • Body Count: A lot of close calls: Peter and the fantastic Glynis but alas no.
  • Music Montages: I don't think so.
  • Strong Female: This is a bit of a tough call. Sandra is not wimpy or weak by any stretch of the imagination but she also has never gone traveling like she really wanted to do, or spoke to the man she is so "in love" with. She lets life happen. Tough call.

Day 21: The Ugly Truth

Ah, The Ugly Truth. The character Gerard Butler plays in this movie reminds me of an ex of mine. I know, I know, but I was young and I believed in the fantasy that this film generates that I could be the one to "change him" or bring out his true good self. Alas, very few men that act like this jerk have a good true self. So here we are, another fun, fluff, feel good romantic comedy with a socially awkward girl who wins the heart of a jerk! YAY! Here is how The Ugly Truth checks off:
  • Giddy: We have in this movie some great giddy moments: lots of embarrasing moments for Katherine Heigl: hanging upside down from a tree and a great scene with her and some vibrator panties in front her boss (which I must say - if you get the chance rent Oh in Ohio because Parker Posey's version of the exact same scene is much much better); we also have some lovely moments where we truly get to see Gerard fall in love with her, and one super hot dance...
  • Lie: Katherine makes a deal with Gerard to leave the show if he can teach her to be exactly what the man she is hot for wants and as usual, she's not showing her true nature. I love this morality that RC's teach us: be true to yourself and the one that is right for you will love you for who you are. MMMM... only if your thin and hot like Katherine Heigl but yes, truer words were never spoke!
  • Big Emotional Outburst: Here we do it live on the air in front of hundreds of viewers in a hot air balloon. Kudos for the scene change!
  • Dance Sequence: This is HOT! Or atleast to me it is. Then again most times two people are dancing to remotely latin music I get turned on.
  • Wedding. No. Probably a bit inappropriate for this film.
  • Rewatchable: I rented this movie as soon as it came out on DVD. And, now that I own it, it will be sure to make the rounds on days I need an RC fix.
  • Love: Ah, as I mentioned before, we have that oh so precious, he's a misogynist jerk but I can change him and in the process grow to be a bit cooler myself love. And also, the classic: Opposites Attract.
  • Fantasy: See first paragraph and previous bullet point.
  • Journey of the main character: Even though this should be Katherine's film, its Gerard we actually watch grow, change, show his other side and that makes it his movie. And he grows from a bitter, angry, "all women are only good for pokin" guy to an in love, devoted man.
  • Body count: No. They could have snuck one in! In one of the news segments! But nooo... they had to be all wholesome with lines like "I only slept with the one who could read" and stuff!
  • Musice Montages: Ohhhh yes, and veering off the usual path of the montages being about the 2 main characters, they are actually scenes of Katherine and her pretty boy but not the real one love. Very sweet.
  • Strong Female: She is a producer for a tv show, and she thinks she knows what she wants and very strongly goes after that. She knows how to fight too. And she's got a nice gooey center like the majority of us women do. Yes, she's strong.
PS: Dear readers,
I'm sorry I haven't written, we were really rolling along there weren't we? The thing is, my job changed, they moved me to a new office that has absolutely no supplies and a ton of work, no staff that wants to sit through these movies with me, tons running around, answering calls and starting all over again. And I had a few fit model jobs that went sour (though seriously - my bubbies are the best! Why you no want me?!!!? Why?!). Plus, this Sunday, I'm reprising my highschool dream role of Lady Macbeth in a reading and I really have to spend my evenings reaquainting myself with the text. So, needless to say, I probably, for at least a week or two will have these posts sparingly. Sorry! The good news? My dear friend who forced me to start this sent me even MORE movies for my birthday and encouraged me to go through my collection I already own and blog on those as well. So, this is no longer a 31 day project... it's much longer than that. And if you're lucky, and I'm lucky, I'll take your suggestions after that and watch even MORE RC's! Woohoo!
Thanks to all those who are actually following along!