Jan 15, 2010

Day 19: She's All That

Day 19: She’s All That

Oh dear. Here we have a movie that I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I prefer the film that makes fun of it to the actual movie. I think I’ve seen Not Another Teen Movie more times than She’s All That and it’s a little more fun. Sorry, but it is. But there are some redeemable moments, lets check them off shall we in my checklist:

  • Giddy: There are some lines that are so bad, they actually make me laugh and get a little giddy and of course we do have choreographed dance scene that I don’t need an explanation as to why its there to be happy that it is!
  • Lie: Oh we’ve got several, we’ve got the bet that he can make her prom queen in 2 weeks, we’ve got Freddy lying to his dad about being accepted to school, The blond kid (who was much better at this character in Pleasantville) is pretending to like her too and lots of other small ones to get us through this movie.

  • Big Emotional Outburst: “Am I bet, am I f*cking bet?!”, but as for Freddy Prince, I really don’t think he has it in is bag of acting tricks to pull one off.

  • Dance Sequence: Though the choreographer is trying so hard to bring back the thriller dance moves in a sexy, hip, 90’s way and not quite making it, it still makes me happy. I’m that weirdo who can’t help but get all blissful over many people doing the same moves.

  • Wedding: Nope, and its not like TEEN romantic comedies can’t pull them off! Just look at Sixteen Candles!

  • Rewatchable: I’ll catch Not Another Teen Movie next time it’s on Comedy Central.

  • Love: Oh how sweet, we have the I made a bet, but got to know you, saw you take off your glasses and cut your hair and finally see you as hot and then decide you’re my new best friend after only 2 weeks and I’m in love with you kind of love.

  • Fantasy: I’m officially 34 years old. Any movie about teenagers living it up is a fantasy world for me.

  • Journey of the main character: I think Freddy is supposed to be having some kind of journey, but he really doesn’t have a clue how to show me, and the girl in this movie only has to doll herself up like Sandy in Grease to get a man. So that’s not much of a journey either. But don’t we love to watch the transformation? Hmm?

  • Body Count: Nope. There really really REALLY could have been some!

  • Music Montages: Yes, with all the hip songs when this movie was first made. J

  • Strong Female: She runs the house, she wears what she wants, she doesn’t care to fit in with the vipers that are popular. That’s strong! Especially for a teenager.