Apr 21, 2010

The Princess Bride

Blog about the greatest Romantic Comedy of all time? As You Wish!
I would like to mention that the day came when I realized I'm old and that there might actually be people in this world who have not seen this movie. I actually worked with a couple on one of my last jobs and it broke my heart! This is the greatest film of all time. It has everything (well except a lot of females to emulate but we'll get to that later). It should be mandatory in school or something. You know those dumb surveys where they ask if there is only one thing you can bring on an island with you... this is the thing I bring!
However, small sad note, I never realized before that Wesley has a cheezy mustache in this movie. Uck... I usually find almost every man with a moustache to be a child molester (or at least look like one). But I guess I will forgive him.. cause.. well.. he's my childhood fantasy of the perfect man and I'll just have to! Also, its always bugged me, what were the 5 most romantic kisses of all time? I often wanted to have one (I think I did once, in the 42nd street subway station, where time stood still and moved in slow motion around us... but I digress). I have 5 copies of this book (given to me by past loves) and I've read it cover to cover trying to have that answered for me. But it makes a great party game question I guess...so again.. forgiven!
But back to the greatest movie of all time... Oh lets just get right to the check list shall we?

Giddy: From the first cough of the young Fred Savage, I'm in heaven. We have some of the best lines ever written like: "I wonder if he's using the same wind we are using", "Inconceivable", "As you wish", "Move?: Your alive, if you want I can fly", "I don't accept excuses, I'll just have to get myself a new Giant" and many many more!

Lie: The prince is lying to Buttercup the whole darn time! Boo! Boo!

Big Emotional Outburst: A couple small ones...but my favorite is "Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, You killed my father, prepare to die" (of which I have a great tshirt)

Wedding: Yes! Maaawwwaaaaggeee is wwwwwhhhat bwwwwinnggs us togevah twoday

Dance Sequence: no, but i forgive you!

Rewatchable: I know every line of this movie. And its perfect for every occasion! Its perfect for the Saturday afternoon chore day and its perfect for the date night and its perfect for the getting stoned night (which you may not be able to get through the death of Vizzini without tiring yourself out from laughing so hard)and also perfect for slow days at work.


Fantasy: True Love (which I have to admit, I went searching for way too long because of this film)! The fantasy of true love alone is pretty darn good, but then you also have storybook fairytale with princes and princess and pirates and sword fights. Mmmm. Lovely!

Journey of the Main Character: Wesley fights everything, even death, to get back to her. Oh also, Fred Savage learns to love books read by his Grandpa.

Body Count: 8 I think: Vizzini, Wesley, The Albino, 4 soldiers and Tyrone :)

Music Montages/Soundtrack: I love this soundtrack. I get weepy every time I hear Storybook Love, I know, I know, its not like it has a bunch of hummable tunes, but it reminds me of this movie, and my heart swells!

Strong Female: Okay, here's the downside... there are only 2 women in this movie. One is a witch ("I'm not a witch I'm your wife") and the other is Buttercup. And for all her beauty, for all her wit and charm, she's just a pretty female that has to be rescued. When I was a little girl, I never cared. Most girls don't. The fairy tales we have grown up listening to were all this way and thus feminism for me was delayed a few years I believe because I didn't grow up necessarily having those great women role models. Well... now I'm stretching it aren't I? Because there were Romantic Comedies like His Girl Friday and anything with Kate Hepburn in it to look up to. But you get my gist right? One of the reasons I am in love with this genre of movie is because, typically, its one of the only genres where women are strong, are role models. And so, even my childhood favorites must be called out, when they do not bring the role models!
But I still love you Princess Bride! I still love you!