Jan 31, 2010

Day 29: Serendipity

I will admit it. I'm a believer in signs too. I'm THAT hopeless romantic, yes. Figure 8s for luck, hearts for love, feathers for taking flight and now X's (which I haven't yet figured out what they mean- but I see them all the time). This movie encourages me to continue my belief in signs and fate (and maybe that is not a good thing but I'd rather a life full of wonder, wouldn't you?).

I can't believe this, but I only have seen, till last night, bits and pieces of this movie and I think I must have been in a bad mood when I saw them because I had no interest in tracking this movie down till now. But OH MY GOD - I bounced up and down with joy watching this movie last night! I got the girly giggles that only a really good RC can do. And now, Serendipity checks off on my list:

  • Giddy: The definition alone of the title of this movie: A fortunate accident; "They should make pills for this"; both scenes in the skate park in Central Park, Selling a 700 purple suit just to get a name; the engagement ring not fitting; and oh my so many others, I can't possibly write it all down!
  • Lie: Well, they are "keeping the truth" from their partners that their true love is someone they met just once, but um... no I am not really going to count that. There is the lie that Kate tells to her friend and fiance to go to NYC with alternative motives.
  • Big emotional outburst: I love that she runs in to the Waldorf ready to break up the wedding screaming STOP - but there is no wedding there.
  • Dance Sequence: Okay not really but hilarious dancing from John Corbett with his new age band.
  • Wedding: Well, though we don't get to see it, there is the ALMOST wedding at the Waldorf Astoria. WHOA! See fantasy for the rest of this rant.
  • Rewatchable: Yes! Oh yes! Living in NYC, this is going to become a "Saturday afternoon Staple"
  • Love: The Fated kind (and this is why I love RC's! In reality, I'm not quite the believer in fated love. I have believed for a long time that you can have several Mr. Rights in your life, and much of love depends on timing. But being the hopeless romantic I am, I WANT to believe in fated love, and a really good RC like this helps me live out that fantasy for 2 hours).
  • Fantasy: Oh we have several great fantasies! First off, what artist can possibly afford the apartment the french guy does in this movie, also we never really find out how John Cusack makes so much money to afford a great apartment and a 700 purple suit and a WALDORF ASTORIA WEDDING! My God! Inexplicably rich people! Mmm! Love it! Also, again Fated Love - great fantasy!
  • Journey of the Main Character: Both of them meet, move on to other parts of their lives and in one weekend decide that they have to seek each other out again.
  • Body Count: erg. no.
  • Music Montages: yes I think so.
  • Strong Female: Yes, Kate is strong and a great individual.
One slightly bad note, I forgot to mention this about Picture Perfect too but what is it with the whore outfits? Was it just the 90's? I mean Jennifer in Picture Perfect in almost every scene is in an outfit I don't think even hookers would wear and then yes, she's hot in it but come on Kate, that ice skating rink scene is um... whoa, that skirt is um... NON EXISTENT!