Apr 10, 2010


Sigh...mmmm...I feel like frolicking through a flower laden field and blowing bubbles and dancing barefoot...maybe it's spring is here... or maybe... its EVERAFTER! I love this movie. I love Drew (even though it is obvious she's super self conscious about her accent in this and thus not so good at it - You gotta jump in Drew just like Renee in Bridgette Jones). Again, we have a new take on an old story and no pumpkins or mice needed, we have the classic Cinderella tale turned on its head with a strong woman with Utopian ideals that saves herself and winning the prince is secondary. Here is how the beautiful Everafter adds up to my wish list of RC's:
Giddy: What girl doesn't get giddy from that never worn down phrase: Once upon a time...
Lie: She is pretending to be a rich courtier when really she's just a peasant.
Big Emotional Outburst: Brought on by the evil step mother (a wonderfully over the top Angelica Houston who brings the real honest side of evil: vanity and greed to the role)
Wedding: Yes! But its fraught with the best hysterical crying I've ever seen. Seriously chica - your crying over the wrong guy!
Dance Sequence: not really no...but we have a BALL!
Rewatchable: Yes! This is part of my other Ipod collection! yummy!
Love: I love that this is not a love at first sight, just cause the girl doesn't have dirt under her nails anymore love (like the original story) but that she earns his respect and he is in awe of her fierce spirit and wit and that leads him to see the love.
Fantasy: I don't know a girl who hasn't fantasized about becoming a princess. I still have the occasional fantasy that Prince Harry is going to run into me on the street, fall madly in love, demand I divorce my husband and marry him.... um... yeah it's called a FANTASY!!!
Journey of the Main Character: Her's is not so much as his. He learns to be a better human, a better leader and find love through her. YAY!
Body Count: 1 - the Daddy!
Music Montages/Soundtrack: uh no not really
Strong Female: Yes! Yes!