Apr 1, 2014


I think anyone who has read this blog, has already made some assumptions about my intelligence. This isn't going to help boost that reputation but I had been recommended by Netflix and others to see Austenland a long time ago, to which I scoffed and declined assuming that this movie took place in Texas and Bush has led me to hate that state so much that not even its coolest city could make me interested in a rom-com about it. But for some odd reason, I suddenly noticed that its an E and not an I and so I hit play on Austenland to my pure pure delight and now I am in love with this movie! And I vow dear readers (all ten of you) that if I win the lottery, I will make my own rom-com single woman's theme park! I often tell my husband about one of the most romantic days of my life, how I went horse back riding and the guy that was supposed to lead the group was super super hot, a romance novel Native American man who winked and flirted with me and then asked the other assistant to take over as he pulled me over and said "You really know what you are doing, what do you say we give these horses a run, you know how to ride a horse don't you? Just like a man, you just squeeze your thighs". Sigh... oh so so hot. And no we didn't do it! That's it, we ran the horses! That was hot, sexy and PG13 ya'll! I totally want to give a whole theme park filled of moments like that for women! And here is this gem of a film with that same premise. Adorable and funny, Jennifer Coolidge stealing every scene she can and some genuine plot twists I didn't expect (which come on, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I've been around the block, I know almost every rom-com plot out there). So lets check this one off shall we (and by the way, yes I'm back, and not actually because of this movie but another, which I'll have to go back to and write on another evening but this one is currently the most fresh in my mind, but yes I took a long break away because, a) I really actually hate any kind of thing that is routine and b) I couldn't find the password to this email address ) Giddy: Um, this comes as no surprise to you, I am an Austen fan (of Pride and Prejudice not Austin the town in Texas that is unfortunately in Texas). That mixed with hot guys, British accents, and period costumes, yeah the Giddiness was OFF THE CHARTS! Lie: Well really from the beginning you are assuming that all the men are actors in this, that they are all hired theme park performers and so you never know who is really telling the truth. Great way to keep a gal guessing. We actually (yes I forced my hubby to watch this TWICE with me) watched this twice to try and get clear the end and who was really acting and who was really in love. Big out burst: Spoiler alert- not that I expect that really matters here but at the end 2 men chase down our heroine at the airport. Hilarious! Dance Sequence: During the credits they do a lip sync to a a great song! Wedding: Alas no.. but there is a ball - and its wonderful! Rewatchable: I saw this 2 times in 24 hours and laughed just as much both times. I'm already vowing to own it. Love: Okay well, perhaps its only downside is that I really didn't know who to believe until the last 10 minutes so I wasn't fully invested in that romance plot. Fantasy: Everyone walking around in full Austen garb and a damn stuffed peacock in every scene? Yup, I'd say so.. but not for long, not when I win the lottery and start my own single ladies theme park! Journey of the Main character: I know that the journey she is supposed to be on is finally coming to terms with Austen's novels not being all they are cracked up to be and that she wants to live in reality but this is pretty weak here in the movie. I was wrapped up in the silly and spectacle that I hardly believed her, and her heartache didn't seem too earth shattering. Body count: There were a lot of stuffed peacocks but I have to say zero on humans... sigh. I really was rooting for the aunt to get it in the end. Music montages: Yep there are a couple, they are nice. Again, Jennifer Coolidge steals every scenes she is in, she is so friggen brilliant! Strong Female: She does turn down one guy...she is looking for her Darcy which basically means she's looking for a man that doesn't exist... I say
yes and no. I could go further, but my personal jury is still out on us Austen fans and where we lie on the feminist spectrum.