Dec 29, 2009

Day 3: The Proposal

Ah lovely! The Proposal! This film, I just recently rented one day and loved it so much that the next weekend I rented it again. This is a common problem for me which is why I'd asked my best friend to make me RC's in the first place. I hate wasting money! But truth be known, isn't it worth it? Spending 6 bucks for watching a great RC?

This is a sweet film. One that I probably wouldn't say is in my top 10, but definitely a keeper. I love Sandra, she's the uptight girl next door perfection. But what really makes this movie a gem is Ryan Renolds. Now, my husband hates him. He's cocky and pretty boyish. But he has such great one liners you can't help but love him. And in the position of servitude as he is in this just sort of don't see the arrogance he usually portrays. And here is how The Proposal hits my checklist:
  • Giddy: Well, this movie doesn't make me all over giddy but it does have some great moments like: "Marry me, cause I'd like to date you" and "Your allergic to the full spectrum of human emotions", not to mention the kisses, the running into each other nude and the male stripper.
  • Lies: Oh yes, there is the big lie that the whole movie hinges on - they are lying to the government and their family to get married just so she can stay in the country (though why she would when Canada has free health care I don't know).
  • Big emotional outburst: We've got a couple here and they are pretty good!
  • Dance Sequence: Again, not any group dancing but the male stripper and Gammy mother earth dancing are sooo great you almost want to join in (well maybe not you, but me... and I'm writing this thing darn it!).
  • Wedding: YES! And it's pretty! Barns don't really look that good! Seriously! Ah the magic of movies.
  • Rewatchable: Yes. Oh this is a great I'm- home -sick- lying- on- the- couch- sniffling- and- drinking- tea kind o film. And unlike some films (Something about Mary, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The 40 Year Old Virgin, oh I could go on) you won't need to run to vomit from some gross scene.
  • Love: Oh the sweetest kind: The I hate you, I love you kind!
  • Fantasy: Oh yes, cause so many great RC's have the "secretly" rich man who is humble and good looking. Yes there are so many of THOSE kind of men running around out there.
  • Journey of the Main Character: Well once again I'm not sure the male lead, Mr. Reynolds had all that much of one but Sandra's character did. And they used the good ol plot devise of taking the Big City gal (or sometimes guy) out of the evil concrete jungle to a remote quaint town (this one being Alaska) where they can finally see the real virtues life has to offer: that Power and Money are not what is important but Love and Family are. Mmm.. doesn't that make you feel good?
  • Body Count: We almost lose a cute little puppy to an eagle but no... no body count.
  • Music Montage: I don't think there is one... oh my gosh! That's what this film is missing!
  • Strong Female: Oh yes! Yet again- She proposes! That is awesome! AAAAANNNDDD she is HIS boss! Oh yeah! Power to the girls!