Apr 7, 2010

A Life Less Ordinary

This is one of those films that many will disagree with me on. But I LOVE this movie. Its exactly my kind of humor! A dark dark comedy, great lines like "I thought we agreed - no cliches" and LOTS of great side characters (Holly Hunter is out of control and I love it)! This movie brings Stockholm syndrome to a whole new level! Okay, granted, the end gets a little derailed. It gets a bit weird but so many charming scenes, great chemistry, fantastic side characters and funny romance all throughout the film make me forget that ending. Here is how A life Less Ordinary checks off the Remke ransom demands for RC's:

Giddy: Yes! Ewan always gets me giddy! And he is adorable in this film. The perfect puppy boy!
Lie: There is the whole kidnapping thing...
Big Emotional Outburst: Yes! The love poem scene, the fight to save her from Delroy and Holly, but my favorite is when Ewan is digging his own grave. Classic!
Wedding: Yes! How very Shakespearean we end in a wedding.
Dance Sequence: YES!! I tried so hard to convince my husband to dance our first dance to Beyond the Sea (but he wanted to be "original").
Rewatchable: Yes! I downloaded this to my ipod so I can take it with me on days like today when I'm barely being paid to sit and smile at the very few customers who wander in on a hot day like today.
Love: This is a dark cupid love story - God demands that love happen between these two opposites and angels have a hell of a time making it happen.
Fantasy: Well there's a lot of shooting in this movie that doesn't end in killing them(and anytime you've been stuck in really bad traffic or in an argument with a complete idiot who just keeps making the same illogical point over and over again- you have had the fantasy of wanting to shoot that person - or someone- but not necessarily want the whole death on your hands), then there's the fantasy of being filthy rich, and then there's the comforting fantasy that there are angels out there pushing us toward our destiny.
Journey of the Main Character: The rich girl learns to slum it and open her heart to love and the poor boy learns to be a bit braver
Body Count: 3 (but 2 are not really cause they are angels)
Music Montages/Soundtrack: I like the music in this movie but I don't think there are music montages. I think I heard Squirrel Nut Zippers. I love that band!
Strong Female: Even though she is a spoiled little rich girl she can sure shoot a gun, take control of every situation, have little fear and generally be tougher than anyone else on the screen (except Holly). Oh yes, she's strong!