May 22, 2010

Leap Year

So before I ever got around to watching this movie my whole being was in conflict about seeing it. Yes we have a RC and cute Amy Adams (Enchanted!)and some hot Irish guy...but we also have an insult to strong women that you can only propose to a man on one freakish day every 4 years(I want to start a campaign that women can propose to men - I have written several great commercial specs and designed some great male engagement rings but alas no one is biting...) and the commercials, to be quite honest, looked pretty dumb. And sure enough that conflict was not resolved in the actual watching. Yes there are some very cute moments but the pace is off and the plot in spots is almost too thin, like they were trying too hard to get these two to fall in love. So even though I own it now and it resides with the rest of my porn stash under the bed next to the dark chocolate and good reviews from past shows I was in.... it may stay at the bottom of the box for a while. So lets try to resolve this conflict by checking it off my list shall we?

Giddy: Okay there is the kiss (a very familiar plot device - I kinda liked it better in Addicted to love when Granny tells Meg to kiss Matt - but this one sends significant butterfly flutters into the pelvis area).

Lie: oh there isn't really one

Big Emotional Outburst: A few... but in that cute Amy Adams way where I just want to pinch her cheeks.

Wedding: Yes and another great moment- one of which I could completely relate- Amy is the biggest klutz ever and makes royal mess of this wedding.

Dance Sequence: Yes Irish folk dance and even though the moment getting her onto the floor was really odd, once there, I had fun watching this.

Rewatchable: may take a bit more desperate day than I've been having lately (and that's kind of saying a lot)

Love: You have the I love you enough to propose to keep the apartment love and the you are unbearable and rude but I'm stuck with you and oh look you might actually be more of the Mr./Ms. Right kind.

Fantasy: Ireland. Oh lovely.

Journey of the Main Character: She is on a physical journey to get the man she wants and she sends the cute Irish guy on an emotional journey to find a way to deal with the pain of loosing his girlfriend.

Body Count: none

Music Montages/Soundtrack: nope

Strong Female: Okay see... hrrrmmmm... in some ways she seems like she is going to be (but seriously I'm a sensible shoes kind of girl and am pretty judgemental on what that high of heels in EVERY moment of the day says about your inner strength), she does chase the guy (but she waited around for 4 years - um but then I'm one to talk - but I am not as cute as her and I didn't get many(ANY) offers) and she does walk away from him when she finds out he was only marrying her for the apt., but she's well... wishy washy on most things - even her own proposal to the cute Irish guy. So I give her C - .