Jan 7, 2011

Just My Luck

Just My Luck
Hollywood infected my brain (check out the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1VTcJfL7RE)!
Okay, yes, this movie has Lindsey Lohan, and yes she’s not very good, but I had never seen this movie before now, and I find it ADORABLE! That’s right, I think I might finally be going off the deep end, being alone everyday with my dog and a ton of Rom Coms, because I actually liked this movie. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have my standards, its’ no Princess Bride! But its cute, and perfect for a snowy day (and snow, is there anything better that watching snow fall? Oh wait there is (Hawaii) never mind)! I know you’re rolling your eyes (Blohan? Really? I know I know!) so lets just cut the chit chat and get to it shall we?

• Giddy: Okay I’m sucker for those damn blue eyes (I don’t trust them, but I’m a sucker for em),Chris Pine is adorable, and then we have this whole luck thing (something I’ve been more on the down side of than the upside of) that I find so fascinating: she doesn’t know she has luck till she loses it and they both give it up for each other in one of the greatest romantic places in all of NYC, Grand Central Station (okay seriously what is wrong with me, the majority of the Rom-Coms are set in NYC and I do NOT feel the love for real when I walk through the same places).
• Lie: not really no…
• Big Emotional Outburst: Yes!
• Wedding: um no
• Dance Sequence: No
• Rewatchable: Yes actually, I love this cute magical plot
• Love: Love makes us not care about our luck, because we’re lucky to be with the one we love
• Fantasy: This whole sweet luck plot that is switched by a kiss is adorable, and man, I wish I could find someone with that luck and kiss them! But best yet, there is an entire scene where she goes around kissing strangers trying to get her luck back (something I have often fantasized about – what you don’t? Really? You know standing there on the train, seeing some cute person engrossed in their book or iphone and you focus on their lips and wonder just how they taste and that little devil pops up inside you and says ‘wouldn’t it be a great way to shake up their day’ and the urge just swims with in you the entire ride? No?)
• Journey of the main character: Ms. Lohan learns that she had great luck only once she’s lost it and learns to live with in the bad luck and learns that others are more deserving of her good luck than herself.
• Body Count: none boo
• Music Montages/Soundtrack: Oh here it is just awful! And we even have one of those music montages where we sum up the entire movie, or last 10 minutes in a flash back montage. Oh dear lord!
• Strong Female: Somewhat…

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