Jan 7, 2011

Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet
This movie should be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, this movie’s plot should go down in history as the worst plot ever, and this movie should be on my list of ones to never watch again BUT… darn it all, I find it strangely pulling me in, maybe its my own insecurity in the choices I’ve made in my life and the hope that maybe I’d be able to redeem them one day or maybe its my pms, but I end up liking and being swept up into this ridiculous plot. I really didn’t want to like this film. It has a HORRIBLE plot (come on, anyone who has been to Italy or even read EAT, PRAY, LOVE knows that there is no way that a letter would go from Italy to England that quickly): A girl goes to Italy on what is supposed to be a pre-honeymoon and while her fiance neglects her she stumbles upon a wall where women write to Juliet and finds a group of women who write letters back as Juliet, she becomes one, sends a letter to a woman who wrote 50 years before, and the woman shows up and she journeys with her in search of her “one true love”! The society of Juliets? Really? Every detail about this plot is ridiculous. And then the jerk grandson comes in, teaching me that Brits aren’t all warm and fuzzy (seriously, their accent is so damn cute, I thought they were all super sweet and adorable). Despite myself, I kind of liked this movie. I’m as shocked as you are dear reader! Like I said, maybe it’s the pms. But…well lets just check it off shall we, maybe I’ll change my mind…

• Giddy: When Vanessa Redgrave finally meets her true love… yeah I’m a little giddy.
• Lie: um none really
• Big Emotional Outburst: Oh dear lord, the end scene where Amanda is on a balcony and the angry brit (whom I never warmed up to) pathetically tried to climb up to her… oh I feel embarrassed for those actors but we do have the big emotional outburst…ug, HOWEVER lets give him credit for saying the only true line in the movie: New York is overated.
• Wedding: Yes actually! And its beautiful! I want one just like it
• Dance Sequence: nope
• Rewatchable: um…well…its gonna be at the bottom of the pile, I’m gonna have to be a bit desperate
• Love: Well first she’s with a guy who is more passionate about his work and food than her (that sounds familiar to me… a little TOO familiar and he never even reads her writing or shows any real interest in her own passion… also way too familiar…my husbands doesn’t read this blog…) and then she falls for a guy who… I guess loves her (after he’s done hating her- and I’m not sure when that switch actually happened)…
• Fantasy: Besides this horrible plot? Well… there’s Italy and my god, if your gonna give me a bad bad plot and bad actors at least give me something pretty to look at… and you did: Italy!
• Journey of the main character: Um… I think there is supposed to be one in there, I just had a hard time seeing it. She journeys through Italy though! That’s something!
• Body Count: none…we could have used some here!
• Music Montages/Soundtrack: typical Italian music during pretty drives through Italy
• Strong Female: Um no… you really can’t call this woman strong at all. Perhaps Ms. Redgrave makes up for it?

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